Do you keep a stash of essential oils?

Do you love them as much as your goji berries, your homemade deodorant, or your spouse?

Do you want to carry them on your exquisite person like Harmonia carried her eternal youth necklace?

What Relaxation-Inducing Essential Oil Are You?


After your wrists and temples, I want you to stop wondering whether that upper lip might be an appropriate area to apply your oil.

I want you to quit missing your cherished bulky diffuser when you are away traveling, in your office, your classroom, or at your favorite Chippendale club.

I want your treasured blend to keep bewitching you with its healing aromas without radiating every human (and less human) presence in your perimeter.

(If that’s even possible.)


I really don’t care to brag, but…

5 Stars for Inner Tundra's Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces


I am so happy with this purchase. I am 47 years old and last year my niece who is also my same age, got me started on aromatherapy. She gave me oils and a diffuser. I was so impressed by this beautiful necklace, I ordered another one, that I will give to my niece on her birthday that coincides with Valentines day. Everything about this necklace is beautiful and substantial.

(I get it, “real” friends are nowadays tough to find. But I can help!)


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