Do you lose sight of your phone, your car keys, your offspring, but always manage to find your Lavender fix?

Do you struggle to find friends with even the slightest clue about sesquiterpenes, biophotons, or Frankincense resins for meditation?

Do you aspire to replace your mouthwash, shampoo, detergent, hydrocortisone, benadryl, xanax, family, co-workers, or the air that you breathe with a homemade essential oil blend?

I am Yasmine
(this is delirious-me above)

I am not only a PhD researcher, I’m also a wicked holistic scientist for all things natural health and wellness.

I use my researcher torpedo skills to hunt for non-mainstream facts and nuggets (and compensate a bit for the ideal social circle you’re craving for).

I analyze and test my findings on myself and my barely consenting family before bringing short & sweet gems out to you (so you don’t need to endure 3000-word reads or 0-or-less-affinity friends anymore).

My areas of titillation include:

Investigating unconventional remedies, tools, and facts that make use of essential oils, sound, color, food, body, and mind so you can ditch your prohibited herbs and opt for legal well-being alternatives.

Repurposing nerve-racking life with my interventionist temper, despotic kids, a diet/workout/voodoo spell-proof belly, a bottomless yet unshrinkable TODO list, sub-zero social life, and various other screw-ups into funny social jokes.

And, occasionally, creating flabbergasting aromatherapy necklaces brands such as Inner Tundra to keep this brain of yours a harmonious human organ.

I serve clients for my essential oil diffuser necklaces everywhere really. That includes the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, and Algeria (and other countries of other continents of other solar systems).

When I’m not synthesizing wellness home runs, you can find me busting my drumset, learning handstands and backflips, composing electronic music on Audacity, arguing over the (in)significance of the Game of Thrones many-faced God, listening to Ibrahim Maalouf or StĂ©phane Wrembel, and imploring the universe to give me back a glimpse of a social life.

Wondering what I pack in my WHOA essential oil holy grails, A-HA wellness & fitness nuggets, LMAO parenting survival anecdotes, and ultra-private MUAHAHAHA Inner Tundra product promotions and contests?

Put your e-mail address right here and receive your inconveniently infrequent dose of madness endorsement.