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Do you need a chocolate fix for stress-relief but without the guilt that comes with it?

Here, have one Chocolate Waves.

Bonus point, your outfit will unanimously fall in love with it. Because that deep gorgeous bronze/chocolate color? Well, it just comes from another world.

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Dear Essential Oil Junkie,

I know what you keep in your purse!

Is it Elevation? Balance?
Is it Stress Away? Valor?
Is it At Peace? Attention Assist?

Did I get your favorite essential oil blend or should I go on?

So now that I successfully practiced my psychic reading skills, I want to ask you.

Do you want to carry your essential oil in your office, in your classroom, during an instagram-makes-everyone-drool-with-envy-pictures-worthy cruise but don’t know where to find an invisibility cape for your bulky diffuser?


I mean, sorry, not awesome to the fact that you scratched your head on how to give your wrists, temples, and feet a break from repetitive oil application, no, boo to head-scratching stuff!

But You happen to just have found your solution! Because I happen to have a necklace for that, and a very pretty, original, and durable one!

Yes, pat yourself on the back because you could hardly have found better and here is why:

Afraid of developing a rash?
This diffuser necklace is made of hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel, also called surgical grade steel. You won’t develop anything but love for your swiss-army necklace.

Concerned about tarnishing?
This piece of jewelry is plated with titanium which gives it this beautifully deep bronze color (or copper, or I say chocolate).
Like any plated jewelry, there are a few reasonable things NOT to do (like embalming it with shower gel or using it as a horsewhip on a sweaty ironman) to keep your piece as stunning as in day one. And I trust you can handle this.
And BTW, our customers say the copper/bronze/chocolate color matches all their outfit!

Wondering how long the essential oil scent lasts?
The necklace comes with 3 reusable pads (black, white, and pink). You apply the oil on one of the included pads, and it can last a day or two depending on your oil (or how much you sniff it). You can reapply when needed, or use a different oil after either washing the pad or letting the scent evaporate. I personally prefer the felt pads principle over oiled leather or lava rocks directly laid on the skin (but that’s just me, what do I know!).

How big is the pendant?
It’s 1.18″ in diameter. A little over the size of a quarter. And it has a double magnetic closure, your tamed felt pad will go nowhere.

How long is the chain?
It’s 24″ long and it’s a gorgeous rolo chain (it looks like a domesticated snake) with a lobster claw clasp.

Is it gift-ready?
You bet!
It comes in a very elegant sealed box, with instructions inside and all.

Yes, it has it all and it will rock your world. My customers say they get compliments when they wear it. Do you want compliments? Who doesn’t?!

If you love your oils and want compliments, add immediately this little beauty pragma beast in your cart! You will make your future self thank you as soon as you will open your box and every day you’ll wear your necklace after that!

Directions (because you already picture your gorgeous self wearing this beauty):
To open the pendant, find the little notch on the side. Stick a nail (even if like me you don’t keep much) and open the locket.
Take one of the included pads. Put 1 or 2 drops of essential oil on it and place it inside the locket.
Reapply oil as needed.
Before applying a different essential oil, wash the pad with soapy water and allow to dry completely, or just let the oil evaporate (or get sniffed).

I am pretty darn positive our diffuser necklace will enhance every one of your upcoming oily days. But stuff happens.
So if you’re not crazy about the necklace (it’d make me sad but I’m very open when it comes to criticism, and you’d help me improve the product) or encounter any kind of issue, stay assured, I am one email away, and will replace or refund any piece while supplies last within 30 days of purchase.

You are still reading this?

It’s very flattering but you really need to go ahead now and place this stunning piece in your cart!

I have a very limited supply (remember, Inner Tundra is a family-owned and not mass-production brand). Get your necklace before making me painfully tell you that I don’t know when the next batch will be in!


Additional information


Hypoallergenic 316L Stainless Steel (also called surgical grade steel).




24" Long Rolo Chain.


1.12" Round Locket Pendant (a little over the size of a quarter).

Locket Closure

Double Magnetic Closure (each magnet has a field of 3000 Gs).

Felt Pads

3 Washable and Reusable. Pink, White, and Black.


Elegant and perfect for gift-giving. 2.8"x2.8"x0.9" in size and weighs 2oz.




Everywhere in the galaxy.
Standard (USPS First-Class) or Expedited to USA & Canada only (USPS Priority).

Refund Policy

Money-Back Guarantee Within 30 Days Of Purchase.
(Shipping cost excluded)

2 reviews for Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace, Chocolate Waves – By Inner Tundra

  1. Torkia Djouama

    I absolutely ADORE this necklace and have been wearing it a lot lately!!
    I don’t know if I have few or no style criteria, but I found that it matches a great majority of my outfit!

    I have a couple of diffuser necklaces but this one is different. It’s also much prettier in person than in photos. Its color is very peculiar, it’s stunning! And it’s extremely well made, you can feel the weight and quality to it.

    The insert card in the pretty box has inspirational quotes in it, like a fortune cookie, but better. I loved this, too.
    Yasmine was so lovely and personal and she sent me my package in no time.

    A+ experience on all fronts!

  2. Heather Moerman (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and packaging. The necklace is sturdy and I love the length of the chain. The scent pads are phenomenal and have really enhanced the duration of my essential oil drops. Lasts all day easily.
    I would definitely buy again from this company. Th customer service is phenomenal and very customer friendly and focused.
    Excellent service and product.

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