A couple of weeks ago, this quiz (created with love & geekiness by yours truly) brought its whimsicality into the world.

Much to my enchantment, more than 500 essential oil crackpots lustfully threw themselves at it.
(Ahem… 500 at the time I wrote this post, may I proudly point out).

Even though it sounded like a sensationalist Buzzfeed quiz, this one quiz was truly backed by science.
(Did you notice the scientific reference section in the results?
Then, you must have taken notes on how one can ruin the fun with their irrepressible nerdiness).

Anyway. Soon after the quiz release, I thought of you, pretty voyeurist bunch (I belonged here too), who want to know what everyone else got (and where you were in all that).

Sooo, I made this sugar-free, flour-free, dairy-free, taste-free pie chart.



Wow, lots of Ylang Ylang!
What’s going on there; am I missing out on a party of some sort? (I got Chamomile, BTW).

Also, very few Frankincense human matches (oh sorry, did I catch you feeling precious? OK, take a minute to finish).

Initially, I was also going to give an analysis of what each result meant. However, I realized that this implied giving away some information about you, delightful weirdies.

Let’s simply say that the results reflect who’s (or not) into meditation, who’s a colorful bachelorette, who has a blood pressure situation, who has a lingering stress going on, who has some type of allergy, etc.

If you took the quiz, I trust you will recognize your species.

Do you belong to a majority or are you a rarity?
And did the quiz give an oil that you typically use or enjoy?
I’d love to know.
Tell me in the comments section below!